Friday, April 4, 2014

That Northwest Bridge

On Saturday we took a trip up to Shelton, WA and later Tacoma, WA to see #thatnwbridge that we keep hearing about on Instagram and let me tell you, it was beautiful.

Super scary, no doubt. What with it being abandoned, rickety and about 347 feet above the ground but Vance Creek Bridge (or Vance Creek Viaduct as it's called by the Skokomish Valley that it's located in) is worth taking a trip out to see. You have to walk on a trail about half a mile and a half but it's not hard and it'll lead you straight to it.

Though it was raining pouring literal cats and dogs we took advantage and had a blast. I wouldn't normally call myself a scaredy cat when it comes to heights but without support on the bridge, this was a little different. Good things though, cause luckily my brother was there too and with a heart of adventure himself, I made it through just fine with his help.

Take a look for yourself:

When we were done walking on the bridge and taking a few pictures we could without getting our cameras and phones wet we headed out to find something to eat cause man, the cold and rainy weather takes it out of you. We found a place called Rosewood Cafe in Tacoma and it was delicious. I highly recommend it.

Afterwards we stopped at Point Defiance Park which is a pretty location that I wish we had had more time to see cause time flew by us! Lots of families walking and lots of birds.

Finally, we went to visit Life Center Church in Tacoma to hear Bob Goff, author of Love Does speak on love and loving your neighbor. Tough stuff to hear but if you've ever read about Bob or heart from him then you know he can deliver a message. Bob spoke with energy and conviction and left us all encouraged to love God, love others and do stuff.

Seriously, have you read his book?

Cause it's superrrr good.

Anyway that was my weekend. Now i'm back in Seattle attempting to finish off my last quarter of my junior year off strong. Yikes! That came by too fast.