¡H O L A!

Mi hombre es Elizabeth Rueda.

I'm a twenty-something-year old with homes in Oregon and Washington where I am studying Psychology and Theology at Seattle Pacific University because I love Jesus and think people matter.

the little wheel,
which comes from my last name translated "wheel" from Spanish to English (hah!) serves as a place for me to share my adventures, daily musings or conversations that I think are worth having. I don't post very often and I can't promise that that will change anytime soon but if you want to stick around, i won't fight you ;) Haha.

Here's the SparkNotes version, if you want:

(n) 1. 5'2" 2. dreamer 3. one who specializes in friendships and good coffee 4. photo taker and collector of handwritten letters 5. serious about milkshakes and breakfast 6. not a texter 7. queen of sleeping in jeans

Loves: especially rainy weather, ferry rides, hardcover books, freshly cut flowers, cake batter ice cream, Stabilo pens, breakfast for dinner, smooth peanut butter, meeting new people and conversations that go late into the night.

Is: a follower of Jesus, daughter, sister, aunt, friend, student, extroverted introvert (ESFJ), coffee-inhaler, tea drinker, lover of bookstores and sarcastic being.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoy your stay!

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