Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Thoughts on relationships and being human

Life has been a lot of things lately.

Mostly good, new and exciting.

But also not so good.

There are a lot of not so good things I've been purposely avoiding because it hurts to think about them and then there are things I have been ignoring because I'm removed from them and it's easier that way.

Even still, I'm kind of in awe of it all and super thankful for it.

For how life works and the blessing and hardship that it is to be a human.

How it is that God not only puts up with us but faithfully and relentlessly loves us, parents us, teaches us the way in which to go time and time again even when we inevitably disobey or fail him.

We give up. He persists.

We fall down. He picks us up.

We mess up. He forgives.

I am so ungracious with myself and others so easily and I often wonder why that is. Why it is that being in relationship with others is so dang hard.

And yet, God trusts us to be in relationship with one another when he could just as easily have kept us to Himself (not that that's in His nature). Trusts us to love and care for one another, to be reconciled with one another. Man.

This resonates with me right now as I've messed up a lot in the relational department lately.

God is faithful, honest, and constant and I desire to be more like that.

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